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Montauk Exploration & Discovery.

Block Island Sound and Lake Montauk beaches offer many great opportunities for kid adventures and we can pack it all into a great trip that all kids enjoy and remember. The tours are all private, limited to one group, and designed for maximum enjoyment. They are conducted by experienced friendly and courteous guides who very much want to please, and are all approved and licensed by New York State and the United States Coast Guard. It is a great way to see and learn about Montauk while having lots of fun.

The adventure is conducted in a comfortable off road 4 wheel drive beach vehicle ( we use these trucks so we can explore off road and on the beaches). We start by placing small pre-set fish traps to tend and see what the catch of the day brings us. Its all small fish, crabs and other seal life. We explain and discuss the different types of sea creatures in the trap and when finished, let them all return safely to the sea. We bring along a haul seine (a centuries old method of net fishing) that takes two people to operate. We teach and let the kids use the seine which usually hauls in a number of different types of sea critters that we also explain, study, talk about, and then carefully release. We teach them how to catch clams with their toes, learn what they eat, who eats them, how to open them and how to eat them ( that part is optional). We carry a picture catalog of all the local sea birds, and if the kids are interested, make a game challenge of spotting the actual birds, recording sightings in their record page and seeing how many we can locate. We talk about sea birds, where they are from, where they are going, their behavior, characteristics and life style. We search for ancient calcified sharks teeth and centuries old arrow heads used by the Montauket Indian tribe. (Would you believe we have a 100% discovery rate on these artifacts).

We have all this fun while moving from place to place in a 4 wheel drive truck in which we cruise the ocean and sound beaches. We might also off-road deep into the woods to visit a beautiful hidden lake. As we go along the talk is of shipwrecks off the coast of Montauk, true tales of the Montaukets, a fierce Indian tribe that lived in the area, (if there is interest we can visit a very old archeological dig of an ancient Montauk Indian village) and true pirate stories as we attempt to find where Capt. Kid really buried the “Great Montauk Pirate Treasure”. Finally, we visit the fishing docks to learn about the sharks that inhabit Montauk’s waters, how to tell them apart and how you catch them. We also tell the tale of the biggest shark ever caught on hook and line, who caught it and where. Lots of props to look at, touch and talk about.

All are Adventures (kid and adult) are very popular because of their small size, interesting make-up and the ability to alter the itinerary as we go a long to fit our guests’ interests and curiosity. All are guides are licensed, knowledgeable,
friendly and courteous.

The adventures are about 2 hours in length and At least one adult must come along. Children must be old enough to use a seat belt. Total cost is $155 for a group of 1-4 people. Rates for larger groups upon request.

A Fishing Expidition

For children above ten years of age we do a very safe and very calm fishing trip.
We fish from a large very safe fishing boat, only in good weather on very flat close-to-shore bay protected waters for a variety of small to medium fish that are plentiful and always willing to bite. The boat is captained by a United States Coast Guard licensed and approved captain. The kids are required to where safe but comfortable life vests at all times. The kids never touch the fish or the bait and are constantly tended to by the captain. We encourage catch and release but will be happy to bring some of the catch back to the dock where we will prepare and clean your trophies and provide a number of simple but delicious recipes. While fishing, the kids learn about the sea, its creatures and Montauk sea lore. It is a wonderful way to spend some relaxed and easy enjoyable quality time with your children while introducing them to the great sport of fishing . The trip usually lasts about two hours but, since your group is the only one aboard, it can end at your request. At least one parent and no more than 3 children. Total group fare: $195.

Sea Cruise
Our sea cruise is also very popular. We use a 30’, 450 h.p., safe, fast and very sea worthy skiff. We cruise Lake Montauk, The Montauk Light House, the Atlantic sea shore and Fort Pond Bay while we talk of Montauk history, point out famous homes and other points of interest. Most people enjoy the cruise at sunset but we go anytime that is best for any individual group. The cruise is always limited and private with only one group and captain aboard. The captain is always a U.S. Coast Guard licensed and approved mariner. BYO food and drink. The cruise lasts 2-2 1/2 hours and the rate is $250 for a group of one to four people. This is a very popular adventure and we strongly suggest advanced reservations be made.

It’s all fun and a great way to discover, learn and fall in love with Montauk.

Thank-you for thinking of Montauk Adventure and please call if you require further information or wish to make a reservation at 631 786 3722.

Captain Tom Bogdan


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